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Out of all the articles I have written this has been by far the hardest one to write. I even had to get some help from those who know me well to put this one together. It is extremely hard to write about yourself whilst trying to also add value to you the reader.

Nevertheless, I have finally worked up enough courage to write an “About Me” story. Without further to do, I hope you enjoy this deep dive into my short story of how I came to write.

My Difficult Childhood

Being born and raised in the city of London teaches you…

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Why Do We Not Teach Students How to Listen

Find out the importance of teaching students how to listen in this article.

How Good Leaders Make Everyone Feel Valued

Good leaders know how to make their…

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It has not been a great last couple of weeks for my closest friend. He recently ended a long-term relationship with his girlfriend, and he is heartbroken. I found this interesting because I thought he would be fine. After all, he decided to end things.

However, he is worse off than she is. Being nosey, he logged into her Instagram, and he saw the unspeakable. He found her talking to another guy like nothing happened. Unfortunately for him, his curiosity led him to the exact place he did not want to be in, more pain and anger.

To shield himself…


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Dragons Den is a TV show where cunning entrepreneurs try to get investment for their ideas. The format of the show is simple. Someone with an idea comes and pitches it to potential investors (dragons) and hopefully secures investment for it.

Most of the time, the entrepreneur will have a figure in mind of how much money they need. And it tends to range from £40,000 to £150,000. So the pitch has to be good as they need a lot of money, especially from someone they have just met.

I have spent the last month watching this show to get…


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Upon reading an article from Love, Anna, I was inspired to write this. Her story highlighted one of the major problems she sees in teachers. You can find her article below.

I would advise giving it a read as she highlights some points that could improve the way teachers approach their lessons.

I have not identified one skill all teachers lack, but I do think I have identified one thing all good teachers have. And by good, I mean the teachers that have left a lasting effect on my life. …


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The first mentor I had was one of the most proactive individuals I had ever met. To this day, I still believe they possess a great deal of proactiveness that allows them to be the leader they are.

Proactiveness is not just a skill for leaders. The world of work is changing, and it is now essential that everyone begins to develop this skill. As businesses move more towards autonomous working, all employees will be required to prepare for future events.

Many people are reactive to almost everything. They spend more time responding to the things that occur in their…

Self Improvement

“Every success story is a tale of constant adaption, revision and change.”

- Richard Branson

The small habits do not seem like much of a drag, and we go round telling our closest friends the things we are implementing.

At the very start of our journeys, the vision of our best self is enough to keep us persistent. However, as time moves on, we start to realise that persistence is not enough.

Self Improvement

A young women staring into the distance with jet black hair thinking
A young women staring into the distance with jet black hair thinking
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I still remember my 16th Birthday. The build-up to it was a bunch of arguments with my mother because I wanted to plan a party with my friends. All I needed was the funds from my parents, and the plan was on. We were going to invite tonnes of people and have the night of our lives.

Coming from a conservative Christian household, this was always going to be a big no. So, after weeks of arguing, I agreed on going Go-Karting with my friends instead, which still ended up being a lot of fun.

I was always the bad…


Making teachers the modern-day content creator

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Here in the UK, we are fast approaching the summer holidays. With only one month and a bit left, the summer holidays are a great time to reflect on some changes you could make.

As a student, I had the opportunity to experience many types of lesson lengths. One hour, two hours, and 50 minutes are the main three. But I was also able to get lessons that were in between those periods too.

It was interesting to see the different styles the teachers took, knowing the time they had. And unfortunately, the longer lessons always appeared to drag on…


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As a light-skinned black man, I have gone through a lot when it comes to colourism. I will never forget when I was ten years old, and a white child asked me a question about the work. I did not know the answer and asked him to speak to my black friend, who had solved it fully.

His response startled me. He said he was told to avoid asking people like him. And when I asked him why he responded:

“The lighter you are, the smarter you are, right?”

That was my first ever lesson in colourism, and after that…

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