A Small Way You Can Improve Your Productivity

Tavian Jean-Pierre
3 min readMay 17, 2022


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We are often convinced that the best way to become more productive is to change our ways of working. Create a to-do list, use productivity tools and take frequent breaks. The majority of the articles I have read on productivity have been focused on the “how”.

However, there seems to be less focus on how what we do affects our productivity levels. And that is interesting because a lot of us have experienced the difficulty of remaining productive whilst completing a task we were disengaged with.

Our emotional energy plays a key role when we seek to become our best productive selves. So, in this short, I seek to highlight a way you can rechannel your energy to become more productive.

Productivity Requires Us to Remain Aware of Our Emotions

Affective embodiment is a term introduced in research conducted by the University of Bath.

Affective embodiment is the corporeal and emotional experiences of an institution.

We experience affective embodiment in our everyday lives as we come across things that align and misalign with our experiences and views of the world. Although we believe we need environments that support our experiences and views of the world to be productive, we actually need a balance of the two.

Some of the best work and most innovative ideas come about when people are faced with views that do not align with their own. Many movements in society have started in this way, and they have often caused massive shifts in our way of thinking.

When our emotions are high, whether good or bad emotions, we often tend to become fuelled to complete work. So, here is a small activity you can do to increase your productivity when you feel it is low.

Replenishing Our Energy to Be Our Best Selves

When you have had a bad day at the office or have felt less productive replenish your energy. And this can simply be done by engaging with your emotions and finding those things in your environment that support and challenge the work you are doing.



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