Tavian Jean-Pierre
Tavian Jean-Pierre


Tavian Jean-Pierre is an intellect constantly seeking to produce new ideas to create better solutions for the future world. He is constantly working to make others think differently about the current world to produce a path of hope.

My Vision

The world is changing fast. As our technologies and capabilities increase, we need a world full of ideas to ensure we can continue to create more wealth for everyone. However, those ideas must be grounded in fact and help propel society forward rather than cause damage.

My vision is to create a world where individuals are in their best state to create ideas that can flourish and grow. To do that, we need great leaders and a society that values the importance of collective purpose.

My Work

Currently, I spend a lot of time writing on topics like economics, leadership, societal issues, business, and personal growth. These ideas come from books, articles, or research papers that I can get my hands on.

Through my articles on Medium, I seek to drive people to think about the world of work differently and inspire them to have their own ideas.

My Promise

My life’s endeavour is to inspire great minds to produce ideas that can build a better society. Therefore, everything that I write is written to spark thought, opinion and hopefully ideas from you.

Whether I am writing a one minute read or a large book, I will do my utmost best to provide you with valuable and insightful content to feed your thought.

You will find that I ask the question "Why". While everyone else focuses on what and how, someone needs to tackle the challenging question of "why". I am convinced that it is my life's work to do just that.

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Tavian Jean-Pierre

Tavian Jean-Pierre

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