Is Your Company Using the Right Innovation Method?

Tavian Jean-Pierre
3 min readJul 29, 2022


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Individuals and organisations are feeling the need to innovate. We are moving towards a world that needs our ability to think outside the box as we face harder challenges.

However, choosing the right method to innovate can be challenging for organisations. A lot of the time, companies find themselves applying more than one at once, and this can sometimes lead to confusion.

In this short, I will highlight the eight methods of innovation and the key to ensuring your company becomes more innovative.

8 Ways Organisations Innovate

Become Ambidextrous

By putting an innovation unit within the organisation, people can both innovate and work on operational activities. This method often has a central team managing innovation that integrates itself into various problems, processes and operations to deliver innovative solutions.

Pioneer the Future

Unlike the ambidextrous method, this method seeks to move the innovation away from processes and regular operations in the organisation. Instead of being at the centre, the goal is to create demand for innovation by being at the edge and leading the organisation forward.

It creates this need by partaking in research and identifying areas where the organisation is behind. As you can imagine, this method leads to less conflict as leaders can clearly see the need for innovation and often demand it.

Transforming What You Do

One of the best ways to explore new ground and build your capacity to innovate is to change your regular environment. Practising intrapreneurship and transforming the organisation to do something it has never done before will stretch employees.

Agile Practices & Structures

One of the most common ways companies are innovating is by constantly adopting new ways of working. The adoption of improved tools increases the employee’s capacity to learn and implement more innovative ways of working.

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