Take the First Step You Need Today

Tavian Jean-Pierre
2 min readDec 7, 2022
Mark Twain

The finish line is often quite far away from where we are today. We create visions of a world with our solutions and ideas implemented but often leave them as visions because we never get started.

Mark Twain said:

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started” — Mark Twain

In this quote, Mark highlights the importance of taking the first step. It is easy to be hesitant to take action because the path ahead seems gloomy and undefined. However, it is by taking that first step you can explore and understand more.

Most people will never take that step of courage to build the future they want. That is why many people end up working to build the futures of others.

If you have a future in mind, have the courage to take the first step today. That might be making a phone call or simply drafting the initial plan. Do not let your ideas stay concepts in the mind, make them a reality.

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