The Importance of Self-Education

Tavian Jean-Pierre
4 min readJan 17
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This article has been inspired by the conversation I had with Tee Syal, founder of Right Click Retention.

If you want to be inspired by our conversation, you can listen to our full podcast episode here:

We have reached a social media boom, and people everywhere of all backgrounds are making money online. These same individuals monetise their knowledge by teaching others to embark on the same road they did.

It is common to come across someone who looks like they just turned 20 years trying to sell you their course of how they became a millionaire.

Most of these young entrepreneurs have vibrant personalities and stand as “proof” do you do not need be old with a load of experience to “make it” in life. Instead, all you need is a lot of hard work and determination.

Unfortunately, there is some truth to this. And I say unfortunately because the message often leads young individuals like me down the wrong path. Instead of being patient and developing our skills, we focus on monetary value and aim to only achieve this.

The model most young entrepreneurs teach is one that leads people to believe that they need to get rich to enjoy life. They make it seem that wealth at an old age is pointless because you cannot enjoy it. And life is a race to millions, meaning the earlier you get there the better.

There is no denying that wealth at a youthful age is a dream many of us hope to achieve. However, the question is at what cost are we achieving by?

My good friend Tee Syal gave a different outlook to young entrepreneurship. He believes that it was his desire to educate himself that led to his success, rather than his desire for money.

So, here are the three things you can learn from Tee’s story as a young budding entrepreneur wishing for success.

Build a Team Slowly

Building a team is difficult. At a young age, most of our peers are not interested in embarking on interesting projects or building a product. As a result, you find people who are willing to deceive you or just benefit from your hard work.

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