Valuing Our Differences

Tavian Jean-Pierre
2 min readDec 13, 2022
Illustration by Lee Sampson

In a more connected world than ever before, we have to learn how to value our differences. We all have different views, values and upbringings, and they can either work to pull us apart or bring us together.

When we choose to use our differences to divide us, we neglect the importance of listening to others and understanding their point of view.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or leader of a team, you do not just need to value the differences of others. You also need to think about how those differences can work together to build a better picture of the world.

So, take time today to think about how the differences you see in your teams and others could create a holistic picture of the value we can all add to the world.

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Tavian Jean-Pierre

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