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We All Need to Learn to Slow Down

Tavian Jean-Pierre
2 min readMar 7, 2022


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In the story of the hare and the tortoise, we learn that slow and steady wins the race. It is true that those who take a steadier approach to success are often the ones who achieve it.

However, everywhere in life, we see people doing the exact opposite. People are racing to achieve success and are angry they are not already at the finish line.

Here are three lessons you may have missed from the hare and the tortoise that can help you slow things down.

1. Speed Leads to Burnout

The faster we try to get ahead, like the hare, the quicker we will run out of steam. We must manage our energy levels wisely and maintain consistency. Remember, consistency is more important than speed.

2. Our Speed Does Not Determine Our Potential

We are all at different levels in our individual pursuits to success. So, do not look at the speed of others and assume you will never amount to what they have. You may have way more potential, but it could take you just a little longer to get there.

3. Never Be Afraid to Have a Go

It was the tortoise that challenged the hare to a race. Although a slow tortoise has nothing to do on a race track, he gave it a go. And by giving it a go, he learned that slow and steady wins the race.

Therefore, on our own journey, there will be times when we feel out of place. However, do not be afraid to give things a go and take opportunities. You may learn something new about the world and yourself.

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