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Out of all the articles I have written this has been by far the hardest one to write. I even had to get some help from those who know me well to put this one together. It is extremely hard to write about yourself whilst trying to also add value to you the reader.

Nevertheless, I have finally worked up enough courage to write an “About Me” story. Without further to do, I hope you enjoy this deep dive into my short story of how I came to write.

My Difficult Childhood

Being born and raised in the city of London teaches you…

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Here’s How We Save Our Education System

Learn about the problems the education system faces and how we can save it.

How Sweeping the Floor in a Barbershop Changed My Life

Learn about my story from cleaner…

Life Lessons

“Success is how you bounce when you hit bottom.”

- General George S. Patton

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We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel for COVID-19, and it has been a long wait. In early March, I was wondering what the end of COVID-19 needs to look like for all of us to say we have conquered.

However, there is still much strength to gain. I hope we have all been able to come out of COVID-19 stronger and not struggling survivors.

But whatever…

Life Lessons

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Jazz music has always been at the top of my playlist. Listening to jazz helps me relax and feel somewhat rich. Even as I write this, I have the mellow sound of jazz in my ears.

I spent my secondary school years in a performing arts school. Here I met some of the most talented people I have ever come across. Most children could play a musical instrument to a high level. And many could do more than that.

Self Improvement

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When I was younger, the Flash was one of my most favourite superheroes. The main reason was that we had a similarity, which was that we were both fast. I used to run for my school and would always imagine what it would be like to be as fast as him.

Well, once I found out that Flash could use his tremendous speed to travel through time, I fell in love with his super ability.

We would be able to undo the wrong steps…


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I was recently speaking to one of my closest friends about how work was going. They said that work was going well, and their manager seemed to be impressed with their work. But there was one problem, she highlighted that the manager seemed to be a bit too impressed.

She explained that the work she completed was good, but the response from her manager seemed inauthentic. And that was because she was praised for something small she had done.

I found this interesting because it shows how difficult it can be to strike a good balance.


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The purpose of it is to highlight how even badly behaved children can reap the benefits of education.

Despite distracting the rest of the class, bad children can positively use their disruptive nature.

As you have probably figured, I was a terrible student in school. From my early years, I was always the most troublesome student in the class. …

Life Lessons

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Much of my schooling years was surrounded by social media and its influencers. We all know that social media can have a massive effect on the way we behave. But I never really understood it until I looked back at my younger self.

We all wanted the latest trainers or bags because we saw our favourite celebrity wearing them. I remember wanting a pair of basketball trainers that would cost my mother £150. She could not spend that amount of money, so I was in a predicament.

I came from a poor household, so things were not as easy as…


“When it comes to luck, you create your own.”

- Bruce Springsteen

I came across an interesting video by Veritasium discussing the paradox of success. The video suggests that many successful people discredit how lucky they are to be in their position. Depending on who you talk to, successful individuals will put their achievements and accomplishments down to their hard work.

However, there is a paradox here.

Life Lessons

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Maths is widely known as a tough subject, and I was not one of those smart kids that got it straight away. I was terrible at maths.

Not only because it is extremely hard, but also it has made my life harder at times.

I remember not caring about maths until I was about twelve years of age. …

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